ÀRIDS VILANNA Building services for citizens

Àrids Vilanna is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of citizens through the construction of infrastructure and facilities in Catalonia. We prioritise client satisfaction through our technical service and human resources capacity.

We are a company dedicated to civil engineering works, construction, earthworks, and the exploitation and treatment of aggregates.

The company is defined by its quality, innovation, environmental sustainability and commitment to clients. We have experience and expertise in all types of works.

Since 2001, we have been certified with the Classification of State Works Contractors, a prerequisite for carrying out public works. This classification is granted and reviewed periodically by the state and local government, which guarantees technical and professional competence in the construction process.



Àrids Vilanna began as a family-run business by the Costa de Bonmatí brothers in the 1950s. Initially, the company was dedicated to earthworks and aggregates management. In 1989, Àrids Vilanna was founded as a limited company. In 2001, Àrids Vilanna became a works contractor and obtained its first classification of state works contractors. This classification has been extended until the present and now the company also has a certification from the Regional Government of Catalonia. From 1989 to 2011, Àrids Vilanna expanded its different lines of business, which grew to include civil engineering works and construction in addition to earthworks and aggregate extraction.


Works in progress and future works 2012-05-28 The following works are currently in progress:

Sant Climent de Sescebes Town Council - \\\'Sant Climent de Sescebes town centre rehabilitation\\\'
Vilaür Town Council - \\\'refurbishment of the social club premises and north access to Vilaür\\\'
Girona City Council - \\\'installation of...
Works in progress and future works
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Àrids Vilanna is a sponsoring organisation of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, with the aim of contributing towards a society that is more environmentally aware, supportive and committed.


Plaça Don Manuel, S/N
17164 Bonmatí, Girona

Tel: (+34) 972 423 598
Fax: (+34) 972 423 419