The Casadevall Plant

Àrids Vilanna, SL has a new plant for the extraction and classification of aggregates – the Casadevall Plant. At this facility, the treatment, washing and classification of aggregates is carried out using technology that is respectful to the environment, which reduces dust generation and noise to a minimum. The treatment plant uses material that comes from aggregate extractions obtained by ÀRIDS VILANNA, S.L. and from future gravel pits that may be acquired. The activity carried out at the Àrids Casadevall treatment and classification plant broadly consists in the fragmentation of input material, washing to eliminate mud and silt, and the classification of these materials according to their size. The average treatment capacity is approximately 200 tn/h of unclassified product in its initial state. The treated aggregate is of optimum quality for the production of structural and prefabricated concrete and for bituminous mixes that have been awarded the CE mark and AENOR certificate.

All facilities are authorised by the environmental, mining and regional authorities. This new site has been selected from an environmental perspective as it is located in a visually protected area, thus reducing impact on the landscape as it is away from urban centres.

The equipment in the plant has the relevant CE quality certification in compliance with existing environmental regulations.


The Casadevall plant produces the following materials:

River gravel

  • Fine sand
  • Aggregate 0/4 in compliance with the UNE-EN 12620:2003+A1 regulation
  • Round aggregate 6/12
  • Round aggregate 12/18
  • Round aggregate 18/25
  • Mix

Crushed aggregate

  • Dust
  • Aggregate 3/4
  • Aggregate 4/12 in compliance with the UNE-EN 12620:2003+A1 regulation
  • Aggregate 10/20 in compliance with the UNE-EN 12620:2003+A1 regulation
  • Aggregate 18/25
  • Graded aggregate 0/30
  • Graded aggregate 030 uncrushed


  • Coarse sand
  • Sifted coarse sand
  • Earth
  • Cokes



Plaça Don Manuel, S/N
17164 Bonmatí, Girona

Tel: (+34) 972 423 598
Fax: (+34) 972 423 419